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You may already have prepared your outfit and you are really excited about your next beach trip. You have booked the flight and the hotel beforehand several months ago and you just finished purchasing your wardrobe, toiletries, and other essentials. To be fully ready for the beach and to complete your looks, you should also prepare summer beach makeup.

We know that you are already pretty but there are times when you look dull or pale. On the beach, you should look a little more glamorous. Here are some summer beach makeup ideas that you may try:

Peach look

You may want to try out peachy colors as they give the sun-kissed look. Opt for a drunk blush and soft eyebrows. You may also use brown eyeliner instead of black. Use peach lipstick as well or use lip gloss for a more glowy look.

Golden goddess

For the golden goddess, this gives off a more ethereal and sun-kissed vibe than the peach look. Use bronzer and gold highlighter and brown eye shadow. You may go all out with your eyes. Use nude or brown colors for your lipstick.

No makeup

As you are on the beach and are expected to take a dip in the waters, you should not wear too heavy makeup. For the no-makeup makeup look, focus on your skin rather than on colors. Wear a tinted sunscreen if you may or light to medium coverage base with SPF. For your cheeks, use a color that represents your natural flush and also uses nude or MLBB colors for your lips. You may even opt for lip tint instead. Go soft with your eyebrows and eyeliner if you will put on eyeliner. Curl your lashes and put on some mascara and you’re ready to go.

Bold and colorful

Since it is the summer, you may also want to go all out with your beach makeup with pops of color such as blue, green, or yellow eye shadow, or any bright color really. However, if you do so, neutralize it with a soft lip color.

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