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These are the recommended gifts to make your boyfriend feel special and loved:

Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

It's never cool to turn to nature's methods to open his beer. There's always a bottle opener in tow and this stylish carrying case has a removable six-pack separator to keep your man's brews safe and chilled.

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers - Set of 2

This set includes 2 Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers and 1 Velvet Pouch. After a great golf round, he deserves a great whiskey round too. That's why your man should never have his favorite drink be watered down. He deserves these golf ball look-alike Chillers to inspire another day at the greens.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Your man's phone is a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. This convenient sanitizer and charger help get rid of these germs by simply letting him place his device inside it, and attach the charging cable, and then close the lid.

Home Team Baseball Game

This gift is a boardgame patterned after those pro baseball games. Two teams of 4 players oppose each other on the field. Get into the mix with the favorite ball game of your man.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

If your man is into outdoor grilling, he will enjoy these ingenious baskets which enable him to prepare separate dishes for vegans or for guests with special needs. No need for a skewer and designed for easy flipping.

All-In-One Cast Iron Grill

Ohh your man will love this! This grill could smoke, wok, braise, roast, deep fry, stockpot, or slow cook - an all in one outdoor buddy.

Avocado Multi-Tool

If your man loves guacamole, Boy, would he appreciate this kitchen tool? Avocado is easy to extract and then your man just starts to concoct his green-skinned dishes.

ofu Press

When your man craves for his Tofu, he simply presses the water out easily from the raw bean curd with this tool, and the tofu just shucks up more juice and marinade and it's deliciously more crispy when fried.

Cheese Grotto

It's the perfect resting place for your man's artisan cheese collection. These special cheeses want to be ripened to delicious maturity in cool caves like this one. Just in time to pair it with his favorite liquor.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

These waterproof silicone bracelets keep you in touch with your man wherever he is. Download the app which connects the two, and when you tap the bracelet, it sends a Bond Touch™ to your man.

Anything for him. A gift that’s interesting and that reflects things that make him feel good will make him think about you too.

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