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For homegrown massage therapy that’s just as effective as in house spa treatment, we recommend the following Theragun devices:

Theragun PRO

This is deep muscle treatment you can rely on. Assure muscle recovery, release your stress and tension, and soothe discomfort with this smart percussive therapy device. It has an industry-leading 2-year warranty and comes with a free 30-day app subscription to VARIOUS digital fitness classes and Percussive Therapy Live Digital Course being taught by Theragun Master Trainers.

Theragun Elite

The quietest deep muscle treatment ever, in an elevated premium design. Comes with a free 30-day app subscription to VARIOUS, which features fitness classes from SoulCycle, Equinox, and others. It has 120-minute total battery life and has smart app integration with Bluetooth.

Theragun Prime

It is a smart and simplified deep muscle therapy. The new standard in home percussive therapy. It has all the essential features you need plus it maintains the power and the effective results of Theragun deep muscle technology. You recover faster in minutes.

Wave Roller

It's a Smart Foam Roller that is of a construction that's made to deliver the most powerful and efficient foam rolling experience. It is Bluetooth enabled with 5 intensity settings which can be tailored for both your warm-up and recovery. Connect directly from your smartphone with the Therabody app.

Prime Charging Stand

The first product we’re going to be talking about is the Theragun Pro. This percussive therapy device is top of the line in mechanical massagers. It is scientifically proven to eat a 60% deeper massage to relieve the most severe muscle tensions. It has a rotating arm with ergonomic multi-grip along with quiet force technology. This device is offered in black or red. If you purchase any of the RED products from this website, then some of the money you spend is donated to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response and HIV/AIDS programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a great product and two great causes!


This attachment is designed for use in shoulder blades, IT bands. Use it for scraping and flushing motions that encourage the flushing of lactic acid out of the muscles. Made of closed-cell PU foam that is easy to clean for a very hygienic experience.

You don’t need to be out of the house to avail of effective deep tissue treatment with these quality, well-researched devices. Get one or two now!

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