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Fitness products make our workout sessions easy and fun. This article is designed to tell you about 8 fitness products that top fitness fanatics like to keep in their workout kit.

1. Wave Roller

This Bluetooth enabled wave roller comes with 5 intensity settings and can be operated via Therabody mobile app. It offers an efficient and powerful foam rolling experience. Its innovative wave design makes sure that you get the relief you're looking for.

2. Fitness Mat

A fitness mat generally comes in handy for stretching exercises and crunches. It works as a cushion between you and the floor and absorbs most of the impact you create while exercising. This fitness mat is made with high-quality PU that offers stability and control while high-density rubber provides comfort.

3. Percussive Therapy Device

A percussive therapy device enhances muscle recovery and takes care of your discomfort, stress, and tension.

4. Sleep CBD Tincture

Sleep CBD Tincture promotes a good night's sleep. It helps you in relaxing your whole body and many fitness trainers advice to use it often for better fitness.

5. Revive CBD Body Balm (Jar)

A body balm soothes your body after a tough workout session. It nourishes your skin and takes away muscle soreness and neck tension.

6. Activate CBD Lotion

Activate CBD Lotion is the perfect way to kickstart your workout session. Just apply at the areas with stiffness and prepare yourself for whatever is coming your way.

8. Recover CBD Lotion

Recover CBD Lotion is used post-workout. Rub on the desired areas and get a feeling of relaxation in seconds. The essential oils present in this lotion helps in nourishing your skin as well.

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